How to make a free email address – Create email address

Does the email address bother you? Can’t handle a personal email?

Today I show you the steps for: creating the email address. Anyone needs a personal email, nowadays, this is very easy and simple. Follow the steps below:
How do I make an email address?

To create a free mailbox, I advise you from your own experience to use Gmail from GOOGLE. In my opinion it is the best, safest and fastest. In the past I used mail from yahoo, or from mail. com, but I was not satisfied with them. At yahoo mail, emails are very difficult to enter, and the one at honestly didn’t like the design in the mail.

How do you get a FREE email address?

1. Open in any Browser

Then type google gmail and then click on the first site.

2. We have reached the point of creating an email box.

Click on Create an account and select For Me (see picture below)

3. At this point we must complete with our data

First name – Last name
Username: What we will write here, this will be the name in the mailbox. I wrote BTICtestmail, the email address will be btictestmai l @ (you can write what you want.EX: MariusPopescu, the address o to be,
Below we have to write a password, I advise you to put a strong password. That is a password of at least 6 letters + numbers, at least one capital letter and if possible a sign. EX: Password123 ++
After writing these things click on Next

4. After we have finished with the necessary data, we reach the point where we have to complete the data for recovering the e-mail address.

Point 1: Phone number – if you don’t know the password in 3 months, let’s say, you can recover by the phone number you entered here. You will receive a code and you can change the password quickly and easily. I advise you to enter the number your phone.
Another email address, if you have one, if you don’t leave it free.
Genre: MF or I prefer not to say (the decision is yours)
Then click Next

5. The last step in creating a Mailbox is:

Check the boxes:

I agree to the Google Terms and Conditions
I agree to the processing of my information as described above and in detail in the Privacy Policy.
Click on Create an Account – you will receive a message after clicking, Click on Confirm
These were the steps to creating the email address, a mailbox that is free and never expires.

You can also add this email to your phone.
Enter google play and download the Gmail application, log in with your username and password

Your email address and password.

After following these steps you can send me a test email to the address .

Salut, sunt Cosmin, un pasionat de tehnologie cu o sete nesfârșită de cunoaștere în universul digital. Cu o adâncă fascinație pentru inovații, dispozitive inteligente și progresele tehnologice, am ales să-mi dedic viața explorării și înțelegerii lumii tehnologice în continuă schimbare.

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